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4-H Scholarship Opportunity

We are pleased to announce the National 4-H Council is providing scholarship opportunities to deserving individuals interested in attending camp in 2022. They will provide scholarship funds for 120 4-H members to attend the 2022 Junior and Junior High 4-H Camp. 4-H members need to complete the linked application below by Friday, April 15, 2022, at 11:59 OM Eastern. 4-H members will be notified by the state 4-H Office on or before April 29th.


Camp Resources

Jr. High Camp Registration
Form​ 4-H Candy for Camp
List of What to Bring to Camp

Camp Health and Forms and Registration

F-600A: Activity and Event Acceptance Form
F-600C: Waiver of Medical Care

Teen Leadership Applications

4-H Regional and State Camps Applications

Madison County 4-H offers a variety of camping opportunities to 4-H members ages 9-19. Some camps are outdoors and other are more specialty. Below are a listing of the camps we will offer in 2019.

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Junior 4-H Camp

Junior 4-H Camp is for youth who have completed grades 4-6. This five-day resident camp offers activities that include swimming, shooting sports, mini-golf, group sports, fishing, tubing, nature hikes, leathercraft and woodworking, T-shirt airbrushing, skits, music, and more.

Dates – June 20-24, 2022
Location – W.P. Ridley 4-H Center, Columbia, TN
Cost – $300.00
Registration deadline is May 1st

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Electric Camp

Electric Camp is a fun-filled, rewarding adventure featuring learning centers staffed by electric utility professionals. Each learning center will use hands-on activities that allow the 4-H members to learn by doing.  Electric camp is for boys and girls enrolled in 4-H who are in grades 6-7. Members do not have to be enrolled in the electric project to attend the camp.

Dates – June 27-30, 2022
Location – University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Knoxville, TN
Cost: $300.00
Registration Deadline is May 1st

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4-H Jr. High Adventure Camp

4-H Jr. High Adventure Camp is for older youth who have completed grades 7-8. This camp offers adventure-type and active-engaged activities, and team challenges. Activities include fishing, tubing, nature hikes, canoeing, swimming, shooting sports, T-shirt airbrushing, survivor challenges, and more!

Dates – July 11-15, 2022
Location – W.P. Ridley 4-H Center, Columbia, TN
Cost – $330.00
Registration Deadline is June 15th

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4-H Target Smart Camp

4-H Target Smart Camp is a program of Tennessee 4-H Shooting Sports. It is for youth who are enrolled in grades 5-9. At camp youth learn appropriate skills to succeed in a variety of shooting sports and related areas such as archery, riflery, shotgun use, muzzle-loading, and outdoor skills. Programs emphasize safety, correct form, and responsible use.

Dates – July 11-15, 2022
Location – Clyde Austin 4-H Center, Greenville, TN
Cost – $355.00
Registration Deadline is June 15th

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Line and Design

This 3-day camp is filled with fun and hands-on activities. Line and Design Camp is for 4-H members enrolled in grades 6-12. 4-H members will learn the art of sewing, by making items such as pillowcases, shoulder bags, and other stitched articles.  Also, members will be able to personalize items such as coasters, string art, and canvas painting. Participants will conduct a service project during the camp. At the end of the week, members will have the opportunity to participate in a fashion impression show to showcase the style and items they created that week.

Dates – July 11-13, 2022
University of Tennessee (Martin) Martin, TN
Cost – $130.00
Registration Deadline is June 15th

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Outdoor Wildlife Leadership Camp (OWLS)

This is an outdoor/active camp!  4-H members will be canoeing, kayaking, day & night hiking, fishing, and swimming in the lake. This camp is open to members enrolled in grades 6-10. Over the course of the camp, members will learn to work around wildlife by learning what different animals offer and how citizens can be good stewards to the land on which they live.

Dates – June 1-4, 2022
Located – Brandon Springs Group CampLand Between The Lakes, Dover, Tennessee
Cost: $190.00
Registration Deadline is April 1st 

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Culinary U Camp

This is a new camp in the region! It’s for 4-H members who have an interest in learning to cook, gain some basic cooking skills, and even learn of careers in the culinary field.  This camp is open to 9-12 grades and is limited in space.

Dates – July 13-15, 2022
Location: the University of Tennessee at Martin
Cost: $100.00
Registration Deadline: May 14, 2022