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Soil Sampling is a service offered through our office. Soil Samples are $10 each. You can pick up the shipping containers here at the office, or you can bring the sample in and we will help you fill out the submittal form, package the sample, and mail it off for you. We also have soil probes on loan to assist clients with pulling an accurate sample. If you have questions about the proper method for collecting samples, Check the Soil, Plant & Pest Center for questions about the proper method for collecting samples.

Private applicator initial certification training, and opportunities​ to gain points towards private and commercial certification are available upon appointment. Please contact Jake Mallard or Celeste Scott to schedule a time and date.

Our Agents are also here to assist producers with the TN Ag Enhancement Program. If you are interested in applying for TAEP, we will be happy to discuss your project and guide you in your application process. Check for more information concerning this years TAEP.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Madison County’s Extension Agent in production agriculture Jake Mallard. Jake is available for consultation on issues relating to production of crops and livestock. We have FREE current publication information available in the office relating to variety selection and yield for specific crops in our area. The new Weed Control Manual for TN, which provides recommendations for many row crops as well as Pasture/Hay, Sunflowers, and Ponds, is also available to the public.

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Jake Mallard
Extension Agent III
Phone: (731) 668-8543