Crapemyrtle Bark Scale

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Crapemyrtle Bark Scale – CMBS 

​​CMBS is a relatively new and invasive pest that was introduced from Asia and first identified in Dallas, TX several years ago. It has recently made its way into West TN and is an active problem in Madison County. This pest, if gone unchecked, is a great threat to the iconic Crapemyrtle, a treasured plant in southern landscapes.

​The Madison County Master Gardeners, TN Extension Volunteers, have formed a coalition to increase awareness of this invasive pest and educate the public on it’s control. If you would like to have someone speak on this issue to your business, homeowners association, civic group, or any other engagement, please notify us. We have a well trained group of speakers who are ready to assist and educate. You can schedule an event by calling Madison County Horticulture Extension Agent, Celeste Scott at (731) 668-8543.

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